Bona Fide Blonde | Why I’d consider myself a Mindy
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Why I’d consider myself a Mindy

If you haven’t seen The Mindy Project you just won’t understand.

Undateable, 15-pounds overweight (okay, maybe 30) and a hopeless romantic who thinks every relationship will play out like a When Harry Met Sally situation. I guess I’m anything but a realist. I also appear to be tough on the outside but it’s just my RBF* — I’m as soft as cream puff on the inside.

I’m the Catholic, live-at-home-with-my-parents version of Mindy Lahiri who is the non-Jewish upper-eliteish version of Hannah Horvath (see: Girls). She’s a voice for the independent and bold woman who, despite all the sass, is in want of the perfect man (that being our very own OBGYN Mr. Castellano) and pair of shoes.

I, like Mindy, tend to be self-deprecating in the sense that the world is against me and I’m my biggest enemy. I tend to blame things like my weight on why guys aren’t interested in me, why all box stores only cater to those size 12 and under or why I can’t travel to really cool outdoorsy places with my mountain climbing best friends. I also blame my big mouth for a whole list of other things like why you never (EVER) tell the no-strings-attached guy you’ve been “secretly” seeing that you’ve been in love with him for quite some time. But so is life. You win some, you lose some.

The great thing about being a Mindy in a world of Vine stars and Instagram whores is that there’s reason to be a super-awesome chick that likes food, Meg Ryan films and wearing bold lipstick: self-confidence. The “Mindy archetype” is the self-loathing type who can still rock her satirical self in the latest pair of Opening Ceremony booties. And this whole self-loathing I speak of is not about hating yourself but being aware that there’s things you dislike about yourself because really, no one likes a narcissists.

And seriously, RBF or not, I’m not all THAT bad. I would say the plus to my Mindy-esque obsessive compulsive ways makes me a real one-of-a-kind gem (what other 23-year-old prides themselves on doing laundry while on vacation? — can you taste my sarcasm?) Seriously, while I may have a strong foot on my opinions, I would say it keeps everything interesting. You’re either immediately drawn to me or it will take you six months to see that I’m not a total bitch, actually. My sarcasm and blatant honesty does lend fear to some, I must admit and it’s probably because friendship is not one of those things I commit to loosely. And quite frankly no one really understands “no new friends” like me (and Drake). To really get me to like you and I mean REALLY… you’ve got to get me without me having to explain myself (seriously, Google me or something read this blog.. you should come to the table knowing me). Also, I can’t be around people exactly like me.. that’s why the balance in my life tends to come from the realists and partial-feminists I hang around. Ten times out of ten they do the best job at sassing me back and for this reason, I keep these friends very close.

But anyway, back to being a “Mindy”. She’s the girl who says and does what she wants and not in that perfect girly kinda way… it’s not that Carrie Bradshaw type of girl I feel everyone wants to be. To be a Mindy you need to loath and love yourself in equal parts and rock a pair of non-silk pyjama bottoms without hesitation. You need to embrace your differences and accept the fact that Manolo Blahnik makes his shoes too narrow for your fat wide foot and lets face it, for this reason alone, you will never be a Carrie. Either way, I’d rather be a Mindy.. I’m too damn sarcastic and hilarious that, at times, I don’t even realize it.. and that’s enough for me to know I’m worth something (plus, why the fuck not me? should be your motto – Mindy Kaling).



*Resting Bitch Face

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