Bona Fide Blonde | Ultimate Single Girls Questionnaire For Men
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Ultimate Single Girls Questionnaire For Men

Starting new relationships is hard. Like any form of newfound companionship there’s those few, okay maybe more than few, technical things that need to be put out there. I, for one, find it exhausting having to reintroduce myself to so many people and cover all the basics because despite being an open book (can’t you tell?) it can get draining going over the same things. What’s even worse is all the effort it takes in finding that one person who’s so damn epic and then weeks later you discover they’ve got skeletons in the closet.

It’s interesting because when you’re in the dating stage of your life you start to forget some things you should probably touch base on. Maybe it’s too taboo or inappropriate but I always felt like perhaps there’s things I should ask or maybe there’s things I shouldn’t know about until the “time is right”. What I quickly learned is that there’s nothing wrong with asking, “hey, how long has it been since your last relationship?” or “Does your ex still stay in contact with you?” because these questions really do matter, lets get serious people. So, I know we’ve all been there, done that so to avoid any disappointments I’ve concocted an “Ultimate Single Girls Questionnaire for Men”.

Now, I’m not here to judge or make you feel uncomfortable but for everyone out there who’s spent endless hours talking over dinner dates that end up costing you more than expected with complete “waste of timers” you’ll thank me later. All I know, from my current stance in life, is there comes a point where we need to accept that there are things that come to fruition on there own but then there’s this ticking clock inside of you in a world full of options that’s screaming: AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT. So, to avoid having been there like I have and finding yourself, yet again, disappointed with an empty bag of nothingness and an exceeded data bill from spending all your time on the wrong person — here’s something that could help you quickly weed out the unwanted and narrow down your results (something Tinder doesn’t do well enough for you). Heck even try this with your friends for fun.


Dating QuestionnaireDating Questionnaire 2

Dating Questionnaire 3

Dating Questionnaire 4


*Full disclosure: this post is written for satirical purposes.
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