Bona Fide Blonde | ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’: An Effortless 90s-Inspired Look
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‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’: An Effortless 90s-Inspired Look

I may not have really “lived out” the 90s (I was born in 1991) but I know what damn “Teen Spirit” smells like (yes, the antiperspirant). An era belonging to an angsty-‘gangsty’ generation that relished in a time where loose clothes and not giving a fuck was en vogue.

Now, as the trends fade year-after-year, the 90s seems to linger around every now and then (I see you with the plaid shirt hanging off your waist). From ripped jeans to Doc Martens…we’ve all tried to escape it but it’s bad-ass attitude is evermore.

So take out your tattoo chokers and brown lipstick and look like you just moshed your life away in a Nirvana music video (that was still being played on this thing called MTV), seriously.





Cardigan- Urban Outfitters
Buttoned-tank- GAP
Red Plaid shirt – Joe Fresh
Leggings – LOFT
Grey Overlay T-shirt Dress – Top Shop
Tattoo Choker – Tribal Rhythm (Queen Street West)
Lip colour (‘Salem’) – Lime Crime  

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