Bona Fide Blonde | Christina
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I couldn’t think of a way to describe myself that wouldn’t be self-indulgent. So I chose two adjectives that dub me for my authenticity and my witty sense of humor. Some, who know me well, would point that the title of this blog is somewhat of an oxymoron. bona fide blonde is run by me, Christina, and I’m a 25-year-old overly-opinionated, overachiever who loves writing, editing and video producing. When I’m not writing I’m researching (“internet surfing”), critiquing (“power-watching TV series à la Netflix”) or working my part-time job so I can pay for my shopping addiction. I’m openly opinionated, sarcastic and a bit of a culture maniac b. I started bona fide blonde as a social outlet for me to share my ideas, experiences and writing with you. Thanks for stopping by!